Love movies do not miss 10 love movies comedies


Love movies do not miss 10 love movies comedies Invite ingin together For young women who are in love Or want to find a good movie to watch on vacation Introducing new movies, introducing 10 love-comedy films.

No matter how many times you watch it, you will have to enjoy and laugh with it.



However, it must be stuck in the dart 10, a love comedy movie invites Jin. For sure, it’s believed that many Disney fans screamed for the movie. And we would like to give a full compliment to ‘Amy Adams’ because she came in such a heavy, full-blown style that we truly believed in it.

So that’s the Disney princess that came out of the fairy tale. Plus good music That made us super in The movie tells the story of ‘Giselle’, a woman from a fringing fairy tale kingdom that suddenly falls into the middle of New York City until she meets ‘Robert’, a single-father lawyer.

Chaos ensues as both the Prince and the people from the world of fiction follow Jisel. I can only say that you must not miss it.


She s the Man

Adding another flick with 10 love-comedy movies invites Jin, girls who like gender-swapping disguises should be happy about this. That let us know (And fascinated) with two of the hottest young performers, including ‘Amanda’, which has followed a lot of subsequent productions, as well as ‘Channing’, who gave out six packs to the eye. A movie about the story of ‘Viola’, a young girl who is very passionate about football.

But when the school girls’ soccer team was disbanded Together with the twin brother having plans to go abroad to study So she decided to impersonate her brother to live in an all-male school.

What she has to deal with is the hottest roommate who is also on the football team. Including all kinds of chaos and wrongdoing Until we have to keep pushing along with her whether to be saved or not


What s Your Number?

We like this movie in that it’s fun. Can be said to relieve stress quite well Especially our heroine who took almost every shot. As for the male protagonist, it is not anyone anywhere.

His father, the captain of the people’s hearts. The story focuses on ‘Elle’, who has just dropped off her job and her sister will marry a man who looks really good. Until Elly saw the results in a magazine that, given the lengthy number of ex-girlfriends, she had a chance! The quest to find the perfect match from 19 old lovers begins with the help of ‘Colin’, a young, flirty musician by the side of the room.

Many of the endings would have guessed. But believe us, if you can get a chance with you Plus exploring the familiar faces of actors who play the role of ex-girlfriends And shines on a stout puppet Chris’s stuff that makes fuss take off… worth it.


Made of Honor

Our young heroine is considered new to the movies in this way. But playing well, we still fell in love. Plus also got a hero to help supplement Help each other pass out in the right way With a simple gimmick, but hit like ‘friends secretly love friends’ near me, we in the movie talking about ‘Tom’ young men who still cherish their single life above all else.

Until he realized that it was probably because he loved ‘Hanna’, his best friend But bad news has to come. When Hanna informs the news of her engagement with a wealthy young Scottish person. Moreover, she asked Tom to help him become his bridesmaid.

It is a plot that makes us awkward along with the characters who are secretly in love with their friends. But as a result … this one is up to merit, but karma


Confession of a Shopaholic

The hit manuscript text has gotten onto it. And when it came to the movie, it was expected that it would be fun to make. It seems that the director is doing an impressive job. The story of ‘Rebecca’, a shopper woman, a mother who dreams of working at a famous fashion magazine Instead, it is only close to being a columnist for a new financial magazine in the same chain.

But the bigger problem would be her shredder behavior, which seemed to go against her job. In addition to this story, in addition to being fun, Feel Good has a woman-woman mood.

The movie also makes the girls. Be dazzled with all the bright colors of Rebecca’s fashion Plus in a swoon shopping scene We also secretly nodded our heads, saying, ‘Well, I am too


50 First Dates

Another story that we have picked up and seen many times. With a story that looks easy, but has a feeling of satisfaction And we believe that many people love the movie as well. For those who missed it The movie is the story of ‘Henry’, a young veterinarian who doesn’t seem like much about love. Until she falls into ‘Lucy’ and finds that she only has a short memory. After the day, everything in your head will be erased. And that was the greatest obstacle he had to make her fall in love with him every day. Just heard we are still discouraged But I can tell that Henry was not afraid. He persistently tells her he loves you every day. Make her love him new every day, there will be any hero who can love the heroine like this again. And more importantly… Will we meet someone?


(500) Days of Summer

Want to raise the position of the movie love in the heart For a lighthearted romantic movie with a lovely like no other. With the story of ‘Tom’, the word writer on the greeting card. A romantic young man who was dropped by a girlfriend ‘Summer’ after 500 days together. The movie will take us back to look at those mistakes. Through the arrangement of the story, the difference between a memorable picture and a forgotten image of love is revealed. In this story, she has a very good chemistry. See and learn the reality that can be achieved with ordinary human beings. Let us think and reflect, both in a happy and hurtful point of view.



‘My boyfriend’, the Hollywood version of the film that will take us to experience love for the first time. A teenage love story during ‘Julie’, a young girl who fell in love with ‘Bryce’ at first sight. And growing up together, Bryce sees Julie as weird and tries to retreat, but back and forth when he learns her identity. Became that I fell in love The movie uses a way of telling the events.





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