new movie Ai .. people seduced A cute, romantic comedy.

Invited to see a new movie , Ai .. people seduce Funny, romantic, cute, New Year’s Eve Collection

of celebrities, Lai Wei, after the famous teen movie camp like the film camp GDH disappeared

from the movie for a year because they only send the work of the series to the screen.

No vest But this return Can be called back to help support the Thai leather industry this year

a lot After the sluggishness from the Covic-19 crisis For half a year It is the heroic act of

the Call Center gang to make the movie.


Plot summary After the young female protagonist was hit by a child girlfriend like Petch

(played by Thiti Maha Yotharak) has deceived the money and property completely.


Ina (played by Pimchanok Lue Wiset Phaibun), where she is a Srisawat employee,

has spent her life very difficult and poor Starve

Ai .. people seduce And using his own stupidness to make content on social media To call for a donation until

this is a channel for the Tower (played by Nadech Kukimiya) Godfather 18 Crown Call

Center Gang Used as a way to make money, but then he was hit by Ina.



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