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30 Minutes or Less

Review 30 Minutes or Less (2012)Grand Rapids slacker Nick (Jesse Eisenberg) works as a pizza delivery driver, rarely completes the “30 Minutes or Less” policy and is reprimanded by his boss. Nick’s school teacher friend Chet
(Aziz Ansari) discovers that Nick slept with his twin sister, Kate (Dilshad Vadsaria),
on their high school graduation night, causing Chet to end their friendship.

Buddies Dwayne Mikowlski (Danny McBride) and Travis Cord (Nick Swardson) are miserable,
living under the shadow of Dwayne’s domineering father. The Major (Fred Ward), won over $10 million
in the lottery about 10 years ago. Dwayne confides in lap-dancer Juicy (Bianca Kajlich) about
his contempt for his father and his presumed inheritance.

They devise a plot to kidnap a complete stranger, to strap a bomb to his chest, and get him to
get them hitman money. They order a pizza and wait for a driver to come to their hideout.
When Nick arrives, Dwayne and Travis assault him and knock him unconscious.

When Nick awakes, he is in a vest rigged with explosives, with both a timer and phone-activated detonators.
The bomb will explode unless he gets them 100,000 within ten hours,
they also threaten to detonate the bomb if Nick notifies the police. Nick finds Chet,
alerts him of the situation, and he reluctantly agrees to help Nick rob a bank. En route,

Nick quits his job and then goes to say goodbye to Kate.

Nick and Chet hold up the bank and flee quickly. Dwayne says he and Travis will meet Nick at an abandoned rail yard to make the exchange, but go to a restaurant. Instead, Dwayne calls Juicy to get the hit-man to go. Juicy and the hit man Chango (Michael Peña) arrive to pick up the money, but don’t have the bomb deactivation code. Chet appears and knocks out Chango with a metal bar while Nick incapacitates Juicy. The two grab the money and escape.

Frustrated by the turn of events when Nick refuses to answer the phone again, Dwayne activates the speed dial number on his phone for the bomb to explode, but Travis had altered the number. Rethinking their plan, he and Dwayne head to Kate’s apartment in their masks and kidnap her. Chango breaks into the Major’s house to find information regarding Dwayne’s location and finds a hand-drawn map to the scrapyard. The Major attacks him with a pen gun, but is then shot by Chango after a struggle. Chango then heads to the scrapyard. Dwayne threatens to kill Kate unless Nick meets up with him at the scrapyard.

At the scrapyard, Dwayne gives Nick the code to deactivate and unbuckle the bomb with just minutes to spare. Dwayne has them at gunpoint but Nick has Chet fake having a sniper on them by pointing with his laser pointer. Believing him, Dwayne and Travis drop their weapons and Nick starts to leave with the money. However, Chango knocks him out, then has Dwayne at gunpoint, demanding the money. Dwayne gives him it to him, but Chango decides to still kill him and is torched with a flamethrower by Travis. While burning on the ground, Chango wounds Dwayne and shoots the gas tank on Travis’s back, causing it to explode.

Nick grabs the money and leaves with Kate and Chet. Dwayne chases after them
and when he is about to shoot Nick, the bomb explodes, seemingly killing him.
(Nick reveals he reactivated the bomb and put it in Dwayne’s van.) While Chet looks at the money,
a blue dye pack explodes in his face.

In a post-credits scene, Dwayne (who survived the explosion), Travis, the Major recuperating in a wheelchair, and Juicy are seen in an advertisement for their new family business called “Major Tan: Tanning Salon”.


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