Review drama tv Saving My Stupid Youth {Gomen ne Seishun}

Saving My Stupid Youth

Gomen ne Seishun! (ごめんね青春!), also known as Saving My Stupid Youth , is a Japanese television drama written by Kankuro Kudo.

The series was broadcast by TBS from 12 October to 21 December 2014.

Heisuke Hara (Ryo Nishikido) teaches at his alma mater, an all-boys Buddhist high school, while being tormented with guilt by an act of misdemeanor from his high school days.

Events unfold as the school plans to merge with an all-girls Catholic high school due to dwindling enrolment, and Heisuke’s homeroom class was chosen to be merged with a class headed by Risa Hachiya (Hikari Mitsushima) as an experiment.

Heisuke Hara (Ryo Nishikido) works as a teacher at an all boys high school in Shizuoka Prefecture. 15 years ago he had an unfortunate accident which made his life go crazy. He has since become obsessed with his hometown and the school where he graduated from.

Due to declining enrollment at the all boys high school where Heisuke Hara works, the school plans to merge with an all girls high school next year.

Prior to the merger of the schools, a culture festival is held for the students from the two schools.

Heisuke Hara struggles to make the culture festival a success.

Also known as Saving My Stupid Youth
Genre Drama, comedy
Written by Kankuro Kudo
Directed by Daisuke Yamamuro
Fuminori Kaneko
Ryosuke Fukuda
Starring Ryo Nishikido
Hikari Mitsushima
Opening theme Ittajanaika by Kanjani Eight
Country of origin Japan
Original language Japanese
No. of episodes 10


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