Review Movie Johnny English Strikes Again by David Kerr

Johnny English Strikes Again

Johnny English Strikes Again is a 2018 action comedy film directed by David Kerr.
A sequel to Johnny English Reborn (2011), it is the third instalment of the Johnny
English series. The film stars Rowan Atkinson in the title role, alongside Ben Miller,
Olga Kurylenko, Jake Lacy and Emma Thompson. The film follows the titular MI7
agent who is called into action, when all undercover operatives are exposed in a cyber attack.

A cyber attack exposes MI7’s field agents, forcing the agency to reinstate older
inactive agents, including Johnny English.

Now working as a geography teacher,he secretly trains his students in espionage.
English accidentally incapacitatesthe other retired agents, leaving him alone to accept
the mission. He insists on

the services of his old sidekick Jeremy Bough, still an MI7 clerk. Collecting their
equipment, including explosive jelly babies and a tracker disguised as a Sherbet
Fountain, English and Bough leave behind their mobile phones and drive an old
Aston Martin to the source of the attack in France.

They arrive at the Hotel Magnifique in Antibes, where the cyber attack originated.
Disguised as waiters, they steal a mobile phone with a photograph of their next target,
a yacht named the Dot Calm. While flambéing shrimp, English accidentally sets fire to
the restaurant. Sneaking onto the yacht, English and Bough are caught by Russian
operative Ophelia Bhuletova, but escape after finding a vast array of computer servers on board.

Pursuing Bhuletova’s electric BMW i3 through the countryside, English and Bough run
out of fuel. Bhuletova finds them and agrees to meet at the Hotel de Paris in Cagnes-sur-Mer.
While English meets Bhuletova at the hotel bar, Bough discovers evidence revealing her to be
a spy. Infatuated with Bhuletova, English rejects Bough’s suspicions. Bhuletova secretly
attempts to kill English, but fails to do so after he accidentally takes a pill which makes
him hyperactive.

Further cyber attacks force the Prime Minister to solidify an agreement with Silicon Valley billionaire Jason Volta, to be revealed during a forthcoming G12 meeting.

Having learned that Volta owns the Dot Calm, and suspecting
he is behind the cyber attack, English and Bough return home.
Seeking more evidence, MI7 arranges for them to infiltrate Volta’s
mansion. In preparation, English is tasked to complete a virtual
reality exploration of the billionaire’s mansion. However,
he unknowingly leaves the simulation room and assaults various
members of the public whilst in the virtual environment
(including battering the manager of a local cafe with two baguettes,
and commandeering an open-top bus by pushing the tour guide off the bus’s top deck).

Arriving at the mansion, English discovers Bhuletova is also a spy. He records evidence of Volta’s plans with Bhuletova’s iPhone, but he is exposed after accidentally hitting the wrong button and playing the song Rasputin by Boney M. English escapes and hijacks a driving instructor’s car, returning to MI7 after being chased by Volta. However,

English mixes up the phones and instead takes the driving student’s phone, therefore he fails to convince MI7 and the Prime Minister of Volta’s schemes. The Prime Minister, having heard about both the restaurant and virtual reality incidents, fires English and proceeds with the G12 meeting in Scotland.

Bough convinces English to stop Volta anyway, enlisting the assistance of Bough’s wife Lydia, the captain of Navy submarine HMS Vengeance, to arrive at Garroch Castle by Loch Nevis.

Bhuletova attempts to kill Volta, but he reveals he knows she is a spy, having immunized himself to her poison ring and removed her handgun’s firing pin. Scaling the castle using a powered bodysuit, English intervenes before Volta can kill Bhuletova, who escapes. Volta reveals his plan to extort the G12 leaders by threatening to shut down the internet. English calls MI7, but forgets Lydia’s warning about using a mobile phone near the submarine.

An MI7 secretary unintentionally places two telephones next to each other: one on a call from English, the other from Lydia, calling to confirm a launch code English inadvertently keyed in.

Mistakenly given the order to attack by English, Lydia launches a ballistic missile. The missile diverts to a Sherbet Fountain beacon left by English on the Dot Calm, destroying the yacht and Volta’s server.

English, wearing a traditional suit of armour, Bough and Bhuletova chase Volta to his helicopter as he prepares to reroute the attack to a different server in Nevada.

Bhuletova gives English a tablet computer to disable Volta’s Aerospatiale Gazelle helicopter. After Volta mocks his inability to use digital technology, English throws the tablet, knocking Volta out, and smashes his phone to stop the attack.

The Prime Minister praises English, who accidentally disrobes before the press and G12 leaders while trying to get the armor off.

English returns to his school and is excitedly welcomed by his students. However,
he realizes that the headmaster is about to eat one of the explosive Jelly babies, as the film ends.


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