Review of The Rain , if you don’t want to be a zombie

The Rain
Recommended last round Write a story about the actors who wrote the script today and review The Rain if you don’t want to be a zombie.

Do not get caught in the rain! The story is already limited to “do not get in the rain”, thus making the fun happen ever. Which can be called

another series with a story In telling a story that is interesting And there is a limit of the characters that it is quite fair.


Therefore making us feel paranoid and feel the joy of the actor himself that Will it be exposed to rain or rain water?


If hit and then definitely end up

It’s something that is fun and exciting. See to win it ever. Although I have to admit that during episodes 1-3,

the first episode was a bit bored. With this series Because there is a lot of drama And factors of action of some characters

That does not make sense in some way But when it comes

to later episodes of the series Began to sell puzzles, start to solve some things, and make us look more familiar

and have fun. Immediately,

it can be said that it creates a surprise. Is very much and must admit that Almost closed the series of this story.

Which overall considered

this series It is another story that will relive the characters. In the group of the hero and the heroine, let us look a little bit.

Go back and forth that Why does he have that kind of personality, or is it included?


About the work of pictures and effects May not  be that much beautiful Like any other series But there may be many scenes

that seem offensive And not quite smooth But I have to admit that I can do this.


To the fullest, if you have watched this story, focus on the story Mostly at first It might be very boring,

but the final episode is quite fun and exciting.


Shockingly shocking ever. And can be said to be compensated And can replace each other without being embarrassed

Actor’s side Because it is a Danish series. May make us not known How much are they Because most of us will be on the US or UK side,

but have to admit that with his performance. Called it already, it is very suitable for the role And makes us feel in with it as well as ever



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