Review of Won (She), a love movie called tears for the end of the year

Won (She)

Review of Won (She) , a love movie called tears for the end of the year Must follow and see Hello everyone Come back with a beautiful admin.

And today, the admin is going to write an article for a Thai movie review that the admin has not reviewed for a long time.

For this story called Won (Her), the film chose to set up the story, beginning with the use of the famous sentence. Because everyone is indeed a hero and heroine in their own stories.

Before the movie, it was used to cut each episode of the whole story through the perspective of the four actors that consisted of a single (Min-Peerawit).

Attachitsataporn) Om (Saint – Supaphong) Udomkaew Kanjana) Buew (Peak – Phee Phanichthamrong)

and ends with Nene (Fa-Sarika Samrat Silpa) for this movie, choose to tell the story of the solo first.

It allows the audience to see that a man fell in love with a woman.

How much will he have to strive and try to make women fall in love?

And despite the fact that The other person may not feel anything or think nothing of him.

As I said When the movie was chosen to present a love story through the perspective of each protagonist.

The actors in each episode focused on their own thoughts.

And he said that what he does is always right and is the best. This movie makes you think that the characters are really Before that, it might not be really accurate when we watch other people’s episodes.

Won (her)
The peak of this movie is the show of the sky. Where she plays the role of Nene Makes us feel

that she is a woman in the middle of school It’s a turning point in life.

It gives us one view of the character through the three men. That came into your life

That both looked indifferent and treated her in a different way Plus, in this regard, each person is a different version.

This movie is very detailed. But must not play too big Is it because it makes people

feel that it’s not really who we are? This movie conveys the realities of the human personality very directly.

For people who want to see a love movie to welcome the new year It is recommended to be on this subject.

Considered to open a new perspective of watching Thai love movies that everyone may not have seen these actors before, would like to open up to see each other.

Let me tell you that it is a good movie that the administrators have watched.



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