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Legal High

Review Legal High First things first, Legal High for those who don’t know, is an adaptation of
the original Japanese drama.

It follows our two main leads, Go Tae Rim (Jin Goo) and Seo Jae In (played by Seo Eun Soo)
as they navigate the legal world and try to work with each other. I don’t want to bore you so
much by going deep into its premise so to make it simple, Go Tae Rim is an experienced lawyer
who’s known for his greed for money, with a winning rate of a 100%, he turns even the most
defeating case into a successful one. Comes in our female lead, who from a series of events,
decided to become a lawyer to fight for herself. And ofcourse, she’d be learning from Go Tae Rim.

Sounds almost too simple, and had I not given this a chance, I would’ve just put this to the side without
even looking at it. But thankfully, after a search for something light and completely different feel from
the scare Hand: The Guest provided, this one just ticked the box.

This drama had such a perfect blend of everything – humour, comedy, quirky characters,
enjoyable episodic cases and a slight dash of romance and angst. It delivered great cases
every episodes but one of the things that sets this apart from other legal dramas was that
it never took itself too seriously. The casts themselves were light and fun, giving more life
to otherwise grave and what would have been dull cases. But don’t get too fooled
by its lightheartedness, this drama knows when to take things seriously.
And the impact couldn’t be understated.

You should know that I watched this drama over a course of about two months.
Yes, not because it was draggy or boring. Or I’d rather have it playing in the background
whilst browsing my phone. No, I was trying to savour each and every moment of each episodes
because they were just that entertaining, heartwarming, comedic and brings relief by delivering
what each previous scenes promised. Each episode delivered something new and different,
making you expect nothing less than what’s shown in the previous episodes.

Which I think is also thanks to it being an adaptation. From the drama’s tone and vibes,
this drama felt different that even if I hadn’t seen the original, this vibe really gives me an idea
they paid homage to the original just from the overall tone. It was relaxing and for the first time in so long,
I was watching because I was really engrossed in it.

Rather than pushing through in the hopes that the next episode would make me want to
keep pressing the next episode button, Legal High did this effortlessly and for a drama
I tried and came across because I was trying to divert my attention from previous drama
I watched, Legal High managed to find a place in my drama favourites. That no matter how much
I loved The Guest, this is the drama in sooooo long (including My Mister!!) that I saw because
I was enjoying every bit of it.


I really think the writing was genius in terms of characterisation, most especially Jin Goo’s character, Go Tae Rim. He was amusing and I looked forward to his rants that included almost every country and all things I wouldn’t have thought about relating to situation/cases they are handling. He’s so unique and Jin Goo really brought this character to life with his amazing and impressive acting. And this is one of those roles I didn’t think I would want to see him in. (Mind you I’ve never actually seen him act before but was familiar with him because of Descendants of the Sun). I really thought this was such an unusual choice of drama for him at first but amazingly, it’s like this character was made for him.

So was it a perfect drama? Personally, it was almost perfect. It hit everything right, apart from the conclusion. Where everything felt smooth and flowed consistently, the last few minutes were a bit less than amazing, as compared to what the rest of the show has been. The flow, the logic mostly, of how they came to the conclusion and what conclusion they came to, wasn’t my favourite part. Personally, I felt like it was out of sync to how the rest of the drama had been.

Apart from that small gripe I had, this drama was truly an amazing find. Special shout-out to the lovely Lee Soon Jae – our lovely butler. He was sooo adorable and made this drama even more worthwhile. If there was an underrated drama you’re looking to watch, this one shouldn’t be far down your list.


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