Review The Good Doctor Season 4 Medical drama Series

Review The Good Doctor Season 4 Medical drama Series

‘ The Good Doctor ’ season 4 opened with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic taking over the hospital

At the start of The Good Doctor, a woman walked into a store front and handed the cashier money, but not before having a coughing fit. Without any mention of the coronavirus, fans could already tell the pandemic would be the focus of episode 1.

The woman eventually went to the hospital, concerned that she had the virus, but Dr.

Morgan Reznick told her the novel coronavirus doesn’t cause a sore throat (mirroring the initial misunderstanding of symptoms in real life).

Throughout the show, more coronavirus patients were admitted to the hospital, with patient zero eventually dying.

The episode, though strong in raising awareness, was arguably anxiety inducing for those living through the same disease in real time. And that’s where fans saw a problem.

Some fans gave negative reviews about the pandemic being the focus of the show The show’s premiere was long-anticipated, but the fictional take on the pandemic didn’t sit well with some fans.

People took to social media to express their distaste in the show’s decision to imitate the real-world tragedy the pandemic has caused.

“Glad this show is back but why does Covid have to be in everything,” one person wrote under an Instagram photo.

“I wish the storyline wasn’t COVID-19. Popping on a show is my escape from this living hell,” someone else commented.

“If this is what season 4 is gonna be about this is gonna be disappointing,” one fan critiqued.

“This season hits [too] close to home for a lot of people. I will not be watching,” another user wrote.

Still, others were in support of highlighting the pandemic as a means of bringing awareness to frontline workers’ daily reality. “I work on the frontlines with covid patients …

Thank you for sharing our stories,” one person wrote. “Please stop with the negative comments regarding this show. How could they not cover the pandemic?” another user questioned.

Regardless of how fans felt about the pandemic focus, they did get their Dr. Melendez fix.

Toward the end of the episode, as Dr. Browne
headed into a store room in search of a deceased
patient’s necklace, Dr. Melendez emerged as somewhat
of a ghost-like figure; he spoke to her for a brief moment.

During the season 4 preview at the show’s end,
Dr. Melendez is seen again — this time, speaking
to Dr. Browne in her car.

It’s possible the show found a way to keep Dr. Melendez
on board in a small way, which fans will certainly be happy
about, since his death was not well received among viewers.

Watch The Good Doctor on ABC, Mondays at 10 p.m. EST.

The Good Doctor has quickly become one of ABC’s most-watched drama shows.  อ่านต่อ 

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